Newsletter for May 2024

Season's start at C&L Cycles

Howdy to all! I hope all's well at yours and that, like us, you've finally been able to start enjoying the warm weather and the longer days of sunshine. We've certainly been finding any excuse to go for a ride!

If you're reading the newsletter the weekend we send it, come ride bikes nice and slow with us this Patriotes Day Monday! Bring coffee, snacks, and your usual delightful mood. See ya (not too) bright and early!


Everything is fairly lovely on our end. Like every year, the shops turn into a madhouse and our Web section goes into overdrive (that's gear three on a Sturmey-Archer AW 3-speed hub FYI), but it's important to us to take a little time to keep you updated on our whole situation.

Our store schedules are back to full-time AKA 24/7 service. Okay not quite, but you can always find our up-to-date schedule here.

Our shipping and customer service operations are the same as ever, M-F 9 to 5.

Here's the table of contents for your newsletter reading:
  • New stuff and important restocks
  • Our Philly Bike Expo flagship bikes for sale
  • Some services you might find useful
  • Group rides for hanging out and having #coffeeoutside
  • The annual Cutty Cap Challenge scavenger hunt

New bike stuff that's cool and that you'll like

Springtime: it's not just the lilac and apple trees flowering, it's bike gear offerings too! There's way more than this, but it'll do for starters:
  • Tumbleweed, who've got the hottest off-road style parts, with their wide comfy bars and super solid and sensible racks. We also order in their adventure-biking frames by special arrangement!
  • We're the sole Canadian distributor for Nitto, with their elegant parts and accessories and little bike jewelry which show up a few times a year. We got handlebars, stems, seatposts, and various bits, but the standout is absolutely the perfect Campée Rack. Nobody does Classic French quite like Japan.
  • Some Rivendell frames are already on the way. This Spring it's three different models: Clem Smith Jr. mountain-bikey frame (already in stock), the all-rounder extraordinaire Sam Hillborne and the last chance ever for a Susie W. Longbolts/Wolbis Slugstone. Later in the summer we're also expecting Joes Appaloosa and Roadunos.
This isn't me trying to sell you something, it's the honest truth: don't wait if you want to get in touch and line up a build, we've got enough frames coming but your size or colour choice aren't guaranteed to be available. Some are already spoken for.

Cutty Cap Challenge 2024

This Saturday May 18th (that's tomorrow if you're reading this right when I send it, but you might have all weekend for the scavenger hunt) you're invited, thanks to our volunteers (me, Vince and Tyler) and Ride With GPS, to the annual International Cutty Caps Challenge. It's basically a big fun treasure hunt and it's our second year working on it. You can find the details right here, and the map and clues will be published Saturday at 8AM sharp!

Chill group rides

We started organizing groups rides to drink coffee together under the open skies, and it went great! This second year we've already been out a few times. Everyone's welcome no matter what kind of bike you have or riding you usually do. To get info go right here.

You should also join our Ride With GPS group! Our routes are there if you want to ride them yourself, and our upcoming rides are on the calendar.

These are all, of course free events with no sign-up!

Post-Philly Bike Expo

Our flagship Bassi custom builds that we brought down to the Philly Bike Expo in March are now available to purchase and to try out at our Rachel St. store. Five top-notch one of a kind builds from the big velocipede faire, now right here in town.

Some fine services you may want to partake in

Custom bikes
Speaking of custom, you might know that a great many of the new bikes that come out of our two shops are heavily customized to the rider, if not a unique build. If you've got some dream bike in mind that just needs some expert attention, by all mean reach out by email! It'll be the clearest and quickest way to work everything out, since at the store it gets really busy and we probably won't have time to really get into it as well as you need without being interrupted.

Complete Bassi bikes
It's worth a reminder that we've got some ready-to-ride bikes packed with impeccably-chosen parts (I say as the person who chooses half of 'em). For instance, the Hog's Back now has refreshed builds in both models, the Tourer and the Wiggler. We've also got some options for completes of all our other bikes: the improved Bloomfield V2, the Rachel, Le Montreal and the Coyote.

Wheelbuilding is one of the specialties we offer of which we're the proudest. We've got a wide selection of hubs and rims, and all our spokes are cut and threaded in-house to the exact measurements we need. Contact us or drop by the stores to plan your next wheels!


You maybe heard of this? We're the Canadian importer for Spray.Bike rattlecan paints, made to be super easy to use at home. We've got some pretty complete sets of instructions and tips up on the ol' website!

Well, the news is that we're now set up to offer bike painting services! We're still getting everything set up, but we can provide the basics and can adjust if you've got a more complicated job in mind. If you don't have the time or inclination for arts and crafts, we're there to help.

That's it for today!

We've got such a strong and expert team in 2024 at both shops, in the design department, and at customer service, and it's so exciting to work with you all to make cycling even cooler in Montréal and in North America.

Bikes are neat, don't forget to ride 'em all!
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