Philly Bike Expo builds

This being our first time going to PBE as exhibitors, we spent quite a bit of time daydreaming and debating about the best way to showcase what we're about. We had a lot of fun putting these together! These are all for sale, by the way, though only for in-person pick-up at the end of the show: Sunday March 17th 2024 at 3pm.

Hog's Back - 51cm

A modern day classic! We pretended this 26x2.3" tire'd Hog's Back was an early 80's touring rig and threw all the old favourites at it: non-aero brake levers, downtube shifters, a triple crank, and shiny silver bits.

Hog's Back Flat Bar - 58cm

With this neon red Hog's Back build, we riffed off the Wiggler stock build but with a spattering of special bits as upgrades. The Anchor bar, courtesy of pals Stridslandhandbuilt stout wheelset with Ultradynamico rubber, and full dynamo lighting make this Hog a midnight wheelie machine!

Rachel - 55cm

The soft blue Monet Rachel's colour has been a hit since it landed last year - it's subdued enough for very tasteful builds, yet shimmers greens and yellows out in the sun. We went for a classic assembly with homages to our good friends Crumbworks, Memento, Gurp, and Sim Works on this one.

Bloomfield - 53.5cm

We love giving carte-blanche to our staff to come up with a fun build every now and then. We asked Emiliano how he would build a Bloomfield and we think he nailed it! Featuring Simworks Getaround bars, Ultradynamico tires in a Rosé and Cava combo and Dia-Compe cantis and levers, this Bloomy looks like a ton of fun for zippy commutes and silly trail rides.

Le Montréal - 58cm

Here at Bassi, we have a love of mixing old and new, serious and silly, road and mountain, and lots more. This build is an archetypical example of that variety, with features that might seem old-timey to some, like leather contact points, an all-metal cockpit and lots of silver bits, alongside modern features like carbon brifter blades, a wide-range transmission, and chunk tires. 

Coyote - 17.5"

This build was thought up for fast off-road rides, with a nod to the classic ATB and XC styling we all love. Paul levers and brakes provide tons of ultra-reliable stopping power, and the dingle speed drivetrain keeps things simple. Low maintenance is the name of the game for those grab-it-and-go outings. And, in the spirit and mixing old and new, it must be said that thru-axles, dropper posts and tubeless tires complement square taper bottom brackets, cable-actuation and rigid forks beautifully, actually!

07 Mar 2024
These are EXCEPTIONAL bikes!! Love it! Have fun at the Expo :)
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