1 Frequently Asked Questions
1.1 How do I figure out the bicycle size I need?

Fitting a person to a bicycle can be a complex task. However, the very first thing to know is your Pubic Bone Height or PBH. We're a big fan of Rivendell's measuring method, which you can see here:

Subtract 11 from that and you'll know more or less your seat height, as measured from the center of the bottom bracket to the top of the saddle, though you'll need to ride and fiddle to make sure.

Our bicycles are often measured between the bottom bracket and the intersection between the top tube and seattube, or sometimes from the bottom bracket to the top of the seattube.

Feel free to write to us with your PBH and any fitting questions you may have for Bassi bikes here.

1.2 Will you paint my bike?

We do not offer in-house paint services. However, we do work with a few painters when the need arises.


Keep in mind that painting is always of the entire frame, requires stripping the cycle of all its components, then sending the frame to the painter for them to strip the paint, clean the frame, apply paint, and cure it. Delays are always long, more so during the busy season. In most cases, it is not possible to apply decals to match the originals.


Feel free to get in touch for a quote for your specific bicycle. Prices vary according to paint type, complexity, colours, and finish.


An excellent DIY-friendly option is the easy-to-use aerosol colours from Spray.Bike. We carry their entire range when available and can special-order most colours not currently in stock.

1.3 Do you repair bikes on the spot?

In some cases, like flats, we do the work right away. Otherwise, with a few exceptions, we will keep your bike and provide you with a free estimate of any repairs we believe are necessary for your bicycle to function properly. This will be done during the day and will be sent to you by email to which you will only have to respond.


Once we receive your response, repairs will be done accordingly when your quote reaches the top of the to-do list. The deadlines may vary from season to season and the order is determined on a “first come, first served” basis.

1.4 Do you sell used bikes?

We only sell new bikes. At CL Cycles, you will find a variety of bicycles including brands like All-City, Soma, Marinoni, Opus, Rivendell Bicycle Works, and our in-house designed brand Bassi.


Feel free to contact us for any custom builds or special inquiries!