Bassi Frames

We focus on commuter, cyclotouring, and all-round useful bicycles, and prefer steel frames and aluminium components.

Operating out of C&L Cycles' two small shops in Montréal's Plateau since 2009, Bassi bikes are designed to be practical, functional and good looking. All of our models, ever the "fastest" ones, are made to fit wide, comfy tires, fenders, a rack or two, and plenty of water.

Our design process begins from the assertion that bikes are the best way to get around and discover new surroundings. Bassi bikes are all created with the intention of getting more people exploring their current or new surroundings, by bike!

Each complete Bassi is lovingly assembled at one our our two stores, giving the opportunity for fun partial or full custom builds.

Bassi bikes are also available from a select group of independent dealers. If you're a bike shop owner, or you'd just like to see our cycles on your streets, write in.

We also produce many parts and accessories to fit the style of our cycles, which you can find here.

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