Our fitting service, based on the Juteau Cantin technique and specialized tools, is a body positioning service designed to optimize your posture on your bicycle. This service is oriented toward the general cycling public, rather than only toward athletes, and our primary focus is always on your specific needs.

A fitting session has specific goals:

  • Optimizing comfort
  • Reducing the risk of injury
  • Enhancing rider performance
  • Enhancing your enjoyment of cycling

In view of these goals, a fitting session has three parts. The first is to find out where your problem areas and discomforts during cycling are, as well as medical history which could be related to them. Second, observing your posture at rest and on your bicycle will narrow down what we'll need to modify. Last, we'll adjust various parameters following what we learned during the fitting session.

Body positioning session, 1 hour - 100$
  • Handlebar adjustment
  • Brake lever positioning
  • Stem positioning
  • Measuring the ischial protuberances (sit-bones) to find the correct saddle width
  • Seatpost adjustment
  • Saddle adjustment
  • Lower limb positioning and alignment
  • Foot positioning

For the day of the appointment, we suggest you bring clothes similar to those you'd wear on a ride, the shoes you usually wear for cycling, in addition to your bicycle.

After examination and discussion, we may suggest some parts be changed. These are not included.