Our workshop procedure

When you leave your bicycle with us for repairs, our mechanics will always perform a free evaluation.

Then, taking into account the evaluation as well as your requests for service, we'll send you a detailed quote with itemized parts and labour. We'll always send this quote on the day you leave us your cycle, as long as you leave it fifteen minutes or more before closing time. Once you accept or modify the quote, we'll add your cycle to our work list.

Wait times can wax and wane according to the busy seasons, but we'll always do work on cycles in order of quote acceptance, and we don't take appointments. Our team always work as fast as possible, we know how tough it is to be without the best form of transportation there is! We'll also always let you know of any changes to your quote and any delays that may come up.

Please be aware that you'll never wait to have a flat fixed, we always deal with them while-u-wait.

If you have any special cycle needs or just have a question, please write in.