Bassi Bikes


Bassi bikes have been an iconic part of Montreal's streets since we launched the first frame in 2009. Bassi cycles are built to be stylish and solid, fitting Montrealers' tastes and needs. Classic looks and tough builds are practically de rigueur in our city.

All Bassis are designed and assembled by C&L Cycles in the heart of Montreal, at our flagship store at 978 Rachel St East. They're also available from a select group of independent dealers. If you're a bike shop owner, or you'd just like to see our cycles on your streets, write in.

We also produce many parts and accessories to fit the style of our cycles, which you can find here.

Bassi's current offerings
Hog's Back

Hog's Back, for world touring on every kind of road


Le Montreal, a frame for nearly anything, from classic city rides to randonneuring


Rachel, city bike, tourer and dirt road expert, with stable and comfortable handling


Bloomfield, a fixie and singlespeed bike for the city, for tracklocross, and just for fun


Bassi03, a crit and track frame with agressive, fast geometry and a unique, subtle style. Our only aluminium and carbon offering


Retired Bassi frames
  • Roma-Tokyo, our original offering, so popular it went through two reprints after the original run. See the Bloomfield for its modern comeback.
  • Casterino, the experience of classic Italian road steel with modern gruppos and an affordable price.
  • Villeneuve, for those who love old road bikes but want max comfort. See the Montreal for an almost-identical smooth ride.