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December update

We hope you all had a lovely fall season! The shops had a particularly busy November getting your winter bikes ready for what's to come. Thank you for your patience if you had a bike in our repair cue! Things are a little quieter now so now's a good time to swing by if you're still in need of some winter essentials.
Now is also a good time to shop for some potential gifts and stocking stuffers! We just received a few really fun items that would warm the hearts of even the most frozen-over of your cyclist pals and loved ones.

But first, a couple of announcements:
  • Holiday Schedule

We will be closed between December 24th and January 2nd
  • Free Shipping on Bassi frames within Canada!

Use code BASSICAN at checkout

In other news

  • (top) Senior mechanic Luc-Antoine recently wrote a nice article about his even nicer Rivendell Atlantis. It's a great read, and Troy gave this one a lot of camera love. A few of these frames remain!
  • (bottom) Rivendell Sam Hillbornes should be showing up at our door any day now! This lighter-duty alternative to the Atlantis would make a great rando / road touring / commuter bike and will be coming in LimeOlive and Silver. Pics grabbed from Rivendell's latest newsletter.
  • Widefoot Litercages are back! A lot of you were itching for it's return, so we're stoked to have them again in black and silver. The new stainless steel tubing makes them a bit lighter than the previous version, without sacrificing strength.
  • Belldorado caps just came in all the way from Germany! Adam has been making caps with super creative prints for a long time and we love 'em!
  • Made-in-Montreal Memento racks are available in a few variations. We've been restocking them as they go because we're so impressed by just how tough and well made they are. We love seeing locally-made stuff do so well!
  • About that Susie W. Longbolts at the top of the page: The crew at our Rachel location just finished this very MTBish 56cm build for the shop floor. This thing looks like it would be a blast on an offroad tour!
  • Speaking of shop builds, here are three that the team at our Villeneuve location have built recently as demos:
    • Can you tell Luc-Antoine also built that very Riv-y Hog's Back?
    • We decided to give the very last Yellow Rachel V1 a special town-and-country treatment with a Gran Compe leather saddle and Sim Works Getaround bar.
    • Troy built the grey Rachel V2 to show off its off-road aptitude with a wide-and-low 1x drivetrain, wide handlebars, a front mini-pannier compatible rack, knobby tires and a cavernous saddle bag.
  • Did you know a group of Platypi is called a paddle? Anyway, we have a few Rivendell Platypus and Leo Roadini frames left! There are lots of adorable and unique details to admire on both of these frames, and they ride like an absolute dream. We're currently cooking up a special Leo Roadini build, so keep your eyes peeled and your feeds refreshed!

Fresh off the stands

Pietro's Singular Peregrine was a long time coming, but as you can probably guess it was definitely worth the wait! Read more about it here.
Check out Dustin's Gus if you haven't already!

That's it for now

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