Pietro's Singular Peregrine

Singular describes their Peregrine frameset, their longest-running model, as a bike that takes "big wheels and put them in a classically styled, lugged construction frame". This concern for classic aesthetics along with modern sensibilities really resonates with us, so this build came naturally when Pietro brought in his frameset and got the discussion about how to build it started. After some back and forth with the goal of making a forever bike for him that'd be happy on all road surfaces - with handy features like a rando rack and dynamo lighting - we got to this wonderful configuration. A healthy mix of silver and black parts, forever-proof 9-speed transmission with friction shifting, wide range gearing to get Pietro up any hill, and a focus on comfort made this a joy to build, and we're sure a joy to ride too!

Build Spec

Pics by Jean-Daniel @devolution514

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