Dustin's Gus

The Gus Boots Willsen from Rivendell is the bigger-boned cousin of the Susie W. Longbolts. These "Hillibikes", what Riv calls them to avoid using the term "mountain bikes" which might inspire overly extreme riding, are designed to explore the least beaten paths in comfort and style!

Dustin kitted his Gus right with a SON dynamo hub, Busch & Muller light, Paul brake levers and callipers and a wide 2x9 transmission.

As for contact points, the Nitto Bosco sheathed with ESI chunky grips and Newbaum's bartape, Gilles Berthoud Marie Blanque saddle and MKS X Sim Works Bubbly pedals will keep Dustin comfortable for long time to come!

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