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We're having a sale!

From Monday August 22nd to September 5th

It's our first since 2019, and we need to make room for incoming frames and parts, so almost everything on the website and at both our stores is on sale. You've got until Labour day, so no rush, but don't dawdle either.

What isn't on sale?

Pretty much just Rivendell frames. Other than that, Bassi frames will be on sale only in our physical stores - no online discounts, sorry, but come on over if you're in Montréal!

Special orders aren't discounted either, since the point is to sell the stuff we already have. Also excluded are custom bikes.

OK, what is on sale?

Literally everything else, as long as it's in stock. If you find something that looks like it should be but isn't, shoot us an email and we'll look into it.


New Stuff

  • Rivendell Atlantis: The bike that needs no introduction. It's an every day useful bike and your go-to touring bike. 
  • Rivendell Gus: If you missed our last newsletter, we have Rivendell's toughest "Hillibike" in stock. Le Gus is perfect for transporting you and all your gear across the vast ATV trails that snake through provincial parks and elsewhere.
  • Rivendell Susie: Part of the "Hillibike" family, just like the Gus. Susie would also be perfect for ATV-trail exploration and beyond, especially if you weigh less than 210lbs and plan on carrying less than 25lbs of gear. The Susie is slightly lighter than the Gus but they both ride and feel extactly the same.
  • Finally, we received a metric ton of our favourite tires in the galaxy (and beyond): Ultradynamico. All sizes and grades of Rosé, Cava and Mars are now in stock online and in-store.

Recent Builds!

Simon recently shared a few photos and words about his Rivendell Joe Appaloosa, currently prepped for the VTXL route he'll be embarking on next month. Very daydream-inducing! You can have your very own gentle giant, too, with the Atlantis which, save for a couple small differences, is pretty much identical to the Joe.
Pat, an old friend of ours who's been having his salty winter bike serviced by our mechanics for years, pulled the trigger on this very special Hog's Back that's just the way he wants it - for now! We have a small handful of purple Hog's Backs left so hit us up if you're looking for your next trusty travel companion!
Happy riding!
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