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It's the Atlantis. It needs no introduction.

The Atlantis can be considered Rivendell's flagship bike. They started selling them in 1999, and it's a renamed and tweaked version of their previous beloved All-Rounder (back when Rivs didn't really have names, just descriptions). This is a frame that's been more or less in continuous production since Rivendell started, and it's been gently, slowly adjusted and improved over all that time. You genuinely can't go wrong getting an Atlantis if anything about Rivendell interests you.

These days the Atlantis is longer than ever, fits 2.4-inch tires easily, and is meant to be built with swept-back handlebars, not road drops. It's almost the same as the Joe Appaloosa, except the colours. In fact, Rivendell tend to alternate years producing the Joe and the Atlantis. Get whichever's in stock or coming up soon.

The Atlantis comes only in Atlantis greenish blue, a Testors model paint color copying the inside of Russian submarines, a color to keep them calm.

What you can do on an Atlantis

The Rivendell Atlantis is what RBW always called an All-Rounder. An Atlantis is as happy on the road as it is on fire trails, unloaded or heavily loaded. It's not for roadie weight cred or upside-down downhill MTB tricks, but for folks who ride their bikes often and everywhere, generally carrying more than just a water bottle.

It's an every day useful bike and your go-to touring bike. 

Minimum PBH by size:

  • 50cm: 79.5cm
  • 53cm: 83.5cm
  • 55cm: 85.5cm
  • 59cm: 89.5cm
  • 62cm: 93.5cm

650b: 50cm, 53cm 
700c: 56cm, 59cm, 62cm

The largest two sizes are the ones with a double top-tube. The others don't need it.

Framesets include an FSA Duron 1" threaded headset and a seat post.

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