Pat and his Hog - A Love Story

Pat, an old friend of ours who's been having his salty winter bike serviced by our mechanics for years, pulled the trigger on this very special Hog's Back that's just the way he wants it - for now! Scroll through to see what he has to say about it and for a build spec.

The Hog's Back is the perfect bike for me because I'm a healthy mix of compulsive and indecisive and the setup potential feels limitless. This first build is all about easily hauling me and my summer stuff (baseball bats and tents) to anywhere within 1 to 200 km of where my cat lives. The super chunky (and yummy) 2.2" Sim Works x Panaracer tires are grippy on gravel and help me glide over any Montreal pothole. The Sim Works x MKS bubbly pedals perfectly compliment both my summer rides in Birkenstocks or my military boots in shoulder seasons. The front rack set up has completely overhauled how I understand bikepacking. Believe me, a Wald basket will change your life! To say I'm in love would be an understatement. Thank you to fine designers and bike lovers at Bassi!

Build Spec

Pics by @jochhoo

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