Newsletter June 2022



But first, Holidays

We'll be closed next Friday, June 24th, and the following Friday, July 1st, for National Holidays. We will however be open the following Saturdays and Sundays.


New Stuff

  • Stridsland Barnacle fork: This Denmark-based one-man brand has been slowly coming up with some really nice products and we’re happy to have been able to get our hands on a few Barnacle forks. We have a couple of the 1-⅛”, QR variety left. Meant for 26x3” or 27.5x2.6” wheels, these are perfect for the retro-MTB project you’ve been dreaming up. We've also pre-ordered his next run of chainrings, ETA: mysterious.
  • Riv Shiny rear rack This stainless steel rack is beefed-up where it needs to be, is super easy to install and will likely last a lifetime.
  • Tarugata grips Designed by Rindow Bikes in Japan, these absolutely lovely grips might just be the finishing touch you need for your vintage (or vintage-looking) bike.
  • Fairdale X Toy Machine Beautiful things happen when unlikely companions join forces. Fairdale teamed-up with iconic skate brand Toy Machine to create the Lookfar. This cruisy ride comes stock with the Fairdale Adjust-A-Rack and Skaterack.

Stuff Coming Soon

  • Made in Montreal Memento Racks. Fairly new, Montreal-based, LGBTQ-owned operation Memento has been refining and perfecting their platform rack design over the last year or so and we’re stoked to have some coming our way. They’ve also been hard at work making bike frames and cargo forks. Needless to say, we’re very excited about what the future holds for Memento!

  • Limited Edition Gravel Kings These staples of every-road biking are on the way in two new colours: all-brown, and blue-grey and brown. They’ll be available in 700x32C and 700x38C in the Smooth, Semi-Smooth and Semi-Knobby varieties.


Here are a few builds that left the stand recently
Danny wrote us an ode to his home-built, super-fun Hog’s Back, and it’s lovely. Send us your Bassi if you’d like it featured here!
One of our staff members, Delphine, finished building herself a Bloomfield very recently. Having bought the frame in the fall and received the saddle as a Christmas gift, she had plenty of time to daydream about how to build it. Expect a full gallery very soon!
We finally got the last piece of Loic’s Hog’s Back-shaped puzzle and were able to hand it off to him just the other day. We’ll let him break-in the bike a bit before giving it full the spotlight.
Closing out today’s update is a teaser of maybe our favourite photoset to date. We’ll be posting the entire gallery and write-up in the coming days.
Happy riding!
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