Panaracer Gravel King Limited Edition 2022 Tire

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All-rounder tires, now in fun colours!
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A true adventurers tire, the Gravel King is as at home on road as it is on gravel fire roads and tightly packed dirt.

Standard belting on all Gravel King models helps to prevent punctures and flats while increasing over all durability. All models are also tubeless-compatible.

Gravel King SS

The Gravel King SS (Semi-smooth) is a perfect middle ground between the Slick and SK models. Fast rolling file style tread down the center with micro knobs on each side and long rectangular knobs on the shoulders strikes a perfect balance for mixed gravel and road use.

Gravel King Smooth

Minimal yet effective file style tread paired with robust volume succeed in less favorable conditions where road tires fail. Featuring Panaracers Natural Rubber Compound for superior grip and Anti-Puncture casing.

Gravel King SK

The SK (Semi-knobby) has five rows of equally spaced square knobs sandwiched between double rows of continuous ridges to provide an extremely smooth rolling tire with unmatched grip. Perfectly suited for rough or gravel roads as well as shooting off course to explore single track. Anti-Flat casing technology helps prevent flats from punctures and debris without the extra weight of an added belt

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