Bassi frames: steel, practical, and affordable to build from a parts bin, or from the fanciest parts you can find.

Bassi frames are designed by C&L Cycles in Montréal, and we strive for:

  • Practical and reasonably-priced frames,
  • Which are traditionally beautiful,
  • Will fit as many people as we can reasonably achieve,
  • Are useful in as many conditions as possible,
  • And are compatible with long-running standards, such as QR wheels, BSC threading, and where appropriate threaded headsets, so that they can be built from parts you already have on hand from the last forty years or more.

All our bicycles can be built as practical commuters with bags or baskets, deluxe showcases of interesting parts, and/or capable tourers, from weekend camping to worldwide self-supported adventures.

For a quick and easy parts list to help build a Bassi, click here.

If you aren't already a Bassi dealer and are interested in becoming one, please contact Roberto by email.

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