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It's the big frame restock!

You wise newsletter subscribers are the first to know: our long-awaited restock of frames is now here. The Hog's Back returns with small improvements, the Rachel is redesigned and spiffed-up, and the fixie returns with the Bloomfield.
Details below!

What happens now

Well, first we unload the container. Julian, Simon and Jo are hard at work on that. Then, we'll start shipping out to our dealers and to those who pre-ordered frames. After that we can start building bikes! Shipping will take a few days, and building will take a few weeks, if you pre-ordered a bike we'll be in touch when your build is done.

If you're not local, our dealers in North America will have the frames shortly and can hook you up with their own custom builds, they're always really interesting for us to see (because so different from ours):

The frames

Hog's Back: Our big touring frame is as tough and cool as ever, and on this batch we've added a coating straight from our painters to the inside of the frame, for added rust-resistance.  It's not always necessary, but it is always nice to have. The frames also now come with an integrated seatpost binder bolt. It's simple too, all you need is an M6 bolt and a 10mm M6 nut, and those come with the frame already.

Rachel: We call this Version 2. Our step-through rambling do-it-all bike is now more shapely, accepts a wider tire thanks to a redesigned back-end and a new fork, and uses v-brakes instead of sidepulls. We also added an extra bottle cage mount by popular demand. You'll be shocked how versatile this bike has become.

Bloomfield: It's an updated fixie frame, like our old beloved Roma-Tokyo, hot and stylish, but way more useful. Good tire clearance, track dropouts, a few eyelets, and a quick, fun handling. Oh, and your choice of 650B or 700C wheels, which is very special and very odd for a rim-brake frame.

The parts

Partly Bassi, partly restocks of other things
  • Bottom Brackets: from Tange, our usual and eternal bearings supplier. Sizes we ran out of and sizes we need to go with our Bassi cranks
  • Transmission parts, which aren't on the webstore but which we'll be using to build you some bikes without worrying about supply shortages
  • Our classic Bassi stems in two colours
  • Replacement left arms for those Bassi cranks, let it not be said we don't support our products (I don't think it's been said)
  • Dynamo hubs from Shutter Precision. We use these a lot so it made a lot of sense! Let us know if you'd like us to lace one to your wheel.
  • Steel for accessory and parts makers: we got some steel tubing from our regular steel people. It's tough 4130 cromo, seamless drawn, like our frames, but thicker and in a few sizes. Good for handlebars and racks, if you're handy with a brazing torch.
Neat things that came in recently, not related to our frames:
  • Easton cranks for 2x10 transmissions. I guess this is related to Hog's Backs actually, Jenny's bike really caught peoples' attention.
  • King Cage titanium products are back at last! Stainless is delayed but don't let that hold you back.
  • The DangoBros straddle cable button. This comes from our Bassi chums Crumb Works and is just the cutest thing you can use for your canti brakes.
hog's back at hog's back
If you want to be inspired by a really weird bike, you should check out what Julian did to his Hog's Back this year. It's worth the read, you've never seen one like this. Also, there's a whole paragraph about a pair of pedals that was manufactured before I started kindergarten.
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