Newsletter December 2020





Last one of 2020 from C&L Cycles

The Montréal V3 and Hog's Back have landed!

For starters, for those reading this over the winter break, thanks! We're closed for two weeks from the 23rd to the 4th, but still shipping out orders at a slower rate. We'll be reopening on the 5th of January and abiding by the Québec government's lockdown instructions, open with reduced capacity until the 10th, when the current lockdown order expires.

Now, on to news about our bikes!

Brand new this week:

  • The all-updated Le Montréal 2021, back in its third iteration with some tasteful updates. Available in classic black as always and a gorgeous top-to-bottom blue-to-white fade. Go read about the changes we made, you'll like them if you like bikes.
  • With the new frames, new builds: A simple city bike, and a fun randonneuse (for chill but fast tours).
  • Hog's Back at last. The Hottest Frame of 2020(TM) came back. Good news: three hot colours. Less good news but still pretty good: we sold about 2/3rds of them before they even showed up, between our dealers and pre-orders. We have all the colours in stock as of writing this, so if you wanted to take a look and make up your mind, that might be a wise idea sooner than later. They'll be back if you missed them, but not 'til summer at the very earliest.
  • We added a road-bar build this year, since so many of you wound up getting one just like it!

New products:

  • Our new double compact cranks, with two colour choices and a laid-back 46/34t ratio, it'll work to replace road cranks on basically any bike to slow you down and smell the roses, and let you climb more hills. Gotta love more hills.
  • We got a lot of Dia-Compe parts with our frames, they make clever and classy things for a retro-styled ride.
  • Widefoot are a USA manufacturer making good metal parts, and you know how we love good metal parts: cool big tough bottle-cages, and a handy backwoods trowel, for you-know-what.

Back in stock now:

  • Tons of Atwater bags!! Narek really pulled through on getting us these before the end of the year, so there's still time to pick one up. We've got a huge variety right now, in a few colours.
  • Light sets for these dark solstice-adjacent times, colourful grips and bar tape to boost everyone's mood, and just about all you need for riding in the cold months, too.
That'll be it for us this year. Send us a note to say "Hi" if we didn't get to ride together in 2020, and we'll see you for more adventures next year.
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