Pink Hog, Two Ways

From its inception, the Hog's Back was conceived with swept back handlebars and knobby-but-fast 2.2" tires in mind. The prototypes got ridden and tested with Salsa Bend and Jones Loop H-Bars, and Maxxis Ikon and Schwalbe G-One fat tires. Jerome's pink 47cm custom build is in line with that thinking and features some C&L favourites: Sim Works CowCow riser bar for throwback MTB sensibilities, Rene Herse Humptulips Ridge tires for quiet, fast, and smooth running grippiness, and Microshift's excellent and affordable wide-range Advent X drivetrain. Check it out! 

But ever since we received our first batch in early 2020, folks have been building them all sorts of ways! The most recurring characteristics are larger diameter wheels, narrower tires, and drop bars. This led us to offer a stock build along these lines, that we called the "Sporter" in honour of friend and Bassi Dealer Dan from Winooski Wheels. Morgan's pink build is a stock sporter with a few modifications to make it their own: Grepp Gripper handlebar tape, that'll last forever and looks fantastic, Ultradynamico Rosé tires for the refined palate, and a comfy Brooks B17 for long distance sittin'. The result looks great!

As always, reach out if you're keen to discuss our stock builds, customs, or anything in between! 

Pics by @devolution514 and @simondoesittohimself

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