Michael's European Atlantis

Michael wanted the Riv-est Riv! We've so thoroughly pored over their website, blogs, Rivendell Readers, Instagram account, Blue Lug's Instagram account, the Google Groups Owner's Bunch, and beyond, that we think we're pretty decent at building a Riv-ey Riv. This is that, with GrantWrap™ twined grips/bartape, upside-down friction shifting, fully dynamo'd setup, and a healthy dose of Nitto componentry. We're thrilled to see a bike we built on the eastern shores of the Atlantic! As always, left-click photos to embiggen and enjoy!

Build Spec

Reach out if you'd like one of your own! We don't have any Atlantis for the time being, but we can do something similarly Riv-esque on the Joe Appaloosa!


Julian and Simon
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