Nitto M1 Rack - Mark's Rack

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Front mini-rack from Nitto and Rivendell

Rivendell's Mark Abele came up with this design, and Nitto executed it perfectly. It's now a modern classic in the mini-rack genre. There are lots of ways to use it -- as a saddlebag support in back, as a platform for a basket (zip-tie the basket on), or just to strap a stuff-sack full of gear onto it.

Note: 4.4 lbs weight limit, as per Nitto.

ALWAYS use this rack with a tether between the tall tongue-loop and the handlebar. It's a strong little rack, but people do dumb things, and the tether is a safety measure. Make the tether out of cord or any adjustable strap.

Comes with two 14cm struts - for mounting on rear seatstay bosses; and two 26cm struts - designed to work on all Rivendell forks with the mid-fork rack mounts; may or may not reach other fork lowrider braze-ons.

  • Tubular CrMo construction
  • Stainless steel hardware included
  • Mounts to fork with two struts/clamps and bracket to fork crown
  • Mounts to rear with two struts/clamps, two struts/braze-ons
  • Made for Rivendell by Nitto
  • Nickel finish or black painted
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