Newsletter March 2021





Just a quick one for some important re-stocked things

Rims, pedals, great hats, and a note on when to buy bikes & parts

We've been using rims from Hplusson for about a decade, now. They're a small manufacturer in China and they make tough, no-nonsense, good-looking rims. We import them direct and we build a lot of wheels with them. A lot of people were asking when they'd be restocked, so here we are!

Our big pedals order from Japan also came in. It's no secret that we love MKS's gorgeous all-metal pedals. The Gamma is a really huge flat pedal and a staff favourite, great for riding off-road, or just for the large-feeted among us. We also got all the beloved classics.

We got a batch of cycling caps from LGBTQ2S+ european cycling organization Gay's Okay, and every time someone buys one, we'll be donating 15$ to Montreal's Project 10. They're cool hats too.

On a less fun note, it's proving really difficult to get even normal parts this year, so if you've been meaning to change parts or get a new handlebar or accessories, don't wait! The widget you had your eye on might be gone sooner than you thought possible.

We also expect to be out of sub-1000$ bikes in the next few weeks. We ordered many, many of them but it's just another one of those years! You already obviously have a sweet ride, but I'll bet you've got a friend who's looking.

New and back in stock soon:

  • Tanglefoot off-road frames are on their way, and Riv Platypus are slowly clearing customs as I write this. We got lucky, 'cause Rivendell's own lot of those is stuck at the Port of Long Beach for a month and a half, even though it's off the boat. Not a good year to ship things 'round the world, folks.
  • Discord stems are also coming. Comfy and convenient for fitting awkward frames. Pricy but rock-solid and long-lasting.
  • We got Duer jeans and shorts, guys' and ladies'. I'm wearing my pair right now, and they're my comfiest jeans both on and off the bike.
  • Tires of all types keep trickling in. They're not all exciting, but hey, your bike needs tires.
  • Speaking of which, we'll be getting Ultradynamico tires as they're released, they're kind of only making them one model at a time, but I know a few of you are mad for them!

Secret P.S. for those that read to the end of the email: we're finalizing colours of the 2021 Hog's Back and we'll be sending another email in the next week or two to announce pre-orders. À bientôt!
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