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Some springtime news from C&L

Our first Rivendell arrival - the Platypus!

Anticipation has been building up within our team and friends since the very exciting news that we’ll be Rivendell’s first Canadian dealer. We’ve just received our first batch of frames: the elegant, versatile, comfy, and fun Platypus! Unboxing these beauties was an experience in and of itself. That headbadge! Those colours! That shrimp!

The Platypus is the most all-around useful, comfortable and democratic bike that Rivendell Bicycle Works has to offer. Over the next 30 years of your life, it is the bike that is most likely to carry you anywhere, anytime. It's a country bike like the Sam Hillborne. But most people don't know what it is exactly so to kowtow to categorization here we go: Road tourer. All-Road. Gravel Grinder. Everything that makes it a great touring bike also makes it a great commuter, camper, or all-rounder. Read more here.

Many of these are already reserved so get in touch if you’d like to get your hands on a frame or discuss a custom build. 

With the purchase of a Platypus, as will be the case with all upcoming Rivendell frames, you can expect affordable shipping rates within Canada, about $80 for a frameset depending on where you are, and no surprise duty charges. If you opt for a complete build with us, we’ll give you an appealing discount on all your parts.

Next up will be the Joe Appaloosa frame in early May. We’ll be receiving one of each size in orange, so do reach out if you want to reserve one! We will also be receiving future models as they are produced, so stay tuned for upcoming availabilities. 

New, back in stock, and noteworthy products

  • Plenty of camping gear for your upcoming summer of adventure: Opinel knives, candle lanterns, stoves, water purification systems, and more!
  • Discord Stems from our friends at Analog Cycles in Vermont. Handy parts to shorten the reach of your bike, or to install drop bars on a mountain bike.
  • Sim Works x MKS Bubbly pedals. I just installed a pair on my bike and they’re a dreamy ride. Fat platforms, endlessly spinny smooth bearings, and gorgeous design.
  • Gay’s Okay caps. Gay’s Okay is a European organisation that donates to LGBTQ2S+ organizations, we’ll do the same with our share of profit from these! 
  • DU/ER jeans, trousers, and shorts. Super comfy on and off the bike. Technical, but don’t look technical. We all wear ‘em.

Coming soon!

  • A big Atwater Atelier restock. Solid bags for bikepacking and commuting.
  • More Sim Works. One of our favourite brands, super creative, beautiful and handy products. We have lots in stock, we’re constantly getting more.
  • Tanglefoot Moonshiner rough-stuff-mountain-bike-touring-genre-defying-everything framesets.
  • Ultradynamico tires, at some point this spring. In the meantime we stock their fab caps!
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