Spray.Bike Paint 400mL - Pop Series

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A nod to Britain's most famous bike company in its 80's heyday

Please see our guide and FAQ for painting here.

  • Superbe - A soft marshmallow bubblegum pink
  • Memphis - A vivid grape purple
  • Bomber - A calm mid-blue that sits between Cold Harbour and Bayswater
  • Quasar - A bright violent fuchsia
  • Mustang - A hot burning desert orange
  • Grifter - A minted mid-green, slightly darker than Milan Celadon 1
  • Mirage - A fun 70s-style magenta purple
  • Riviera - The pink of pale icing sugar
  • Royale - Deep violet-blue purple
  • Misty - A sugary pale green, with a slight aqua tint
  • Winkie - A bold primary green
  • Spray distance: 5-12 cm
  • Ιdeal for steel, aluminium and carbon parts
  • A 400ml can will cover a bicycle frame and fork with a single coat
  • Recommended minimum coat: one
  • Requires no post-application heat treatment
  • For a satin or gloss top-coat, finish with Spray.Bike Frame Builder's Transparent Finish - Satin/Gloss.
  • For a matte top-coat, finish with the Frame Builder's Transparent Finish - Matte
  • For ongoing protection (whether the finish is matte, satin or gloss), regularly apply the Frame Builder's Top Wax or any automotive paste wax.

Please remember that screen colours cannot exactly reproduce pigments. Be prepared to accept slight variations in tone from those displayed on your monitor.

Spray.bike can only be shipped within Canada. Please select "regular parcel" (or pickup / bicycle shipping within Montréal) at checkout as ærosols cannot be shipped via air services.

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