Roberto's Hog's Back and Bobby Bar Prototype!

Here are the specs of the forthcoming handlebar right off the bat:

  • 780mm wide
  • 30° backsweep
  • 25mm rise

This bike, and handlebar, has been my go-to all summer. Between commuting, long-distance road rides, local secret trail rides, overnighters and even actual mountain biking, I'm confident in saying this handlebar truly unlocks the "right tool for any job" superpowers of the Hog's Back.

The relaxed 30° sweep offer a great middle-ground between shreddy and cruisy for all-day comfort and off-road control. The long grip areas not only make it possible to trim down the bars substantially if you're so inclined, but also offer plenty of room to move around. 

What started over two years ago as an idea for a new bikepacking handlebar is shown here in its final prototype phase with the production batch featuring dear friend @lovedrawings' graphics on the way! We're expecting them to arrive by late Winter.

Here's an early prototype made by JD that Vince borrowed to test on his Hog's Back:

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