JD's Bloomfield

It had been a while since JD treated himself to a new bike. Knife making, building a cabin in the woods and being a father of two on top of running the shop left little time for riding anyway.

He chose the Bloomfield as his freshest canvas, maybe as a throwback to the very first frame he co-designed for Bassi 13 years ago, the Roma-Tokyo. While the Bloomfield took the old R-T and asked why you would ever want to limit yourself to 25c tires, JD takes it a step further by questioning brake choice. Seeing as his Bloom would serve mainly for off-pavement shenanigans, why wouldn’t you opt for the strongest rim brakes available? So, being no stranger to the torch, he took it upon himself to answer that query.

The result is a pretty badass looking ride that has already proven itself to be a blast to ride on the most unkempt dirt roads. Should the V2 Bloomfield feature posts for cantilevers/v-brakes? Let us know in the comments below!

Pics by the master of the blade @devolution514

04 Aug 2022
I'd be really into getting one of these forks
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