Silver2 Shifters Bar-End

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You get more than a widget. Buying these means buying into an approach to gear that is curiously freakish these days, and has been for 35 years. It’s the idea that a mechanism or tool can be mechanically perfect and virtually unimprovable, while at the same time allowing its user to flub up a shift. Is a hammer less of a tool than an automatic nail gun? Is a campfire worse for cooking wieners than a microwave just because you can burn it or drop it? Is a shifter a worse shifter because it doesn’t reduce shifting to pushing levers until they click?

The SILVER2 X & O shifters are beautiful, mechanically honest (they don’t shift for you), and are anachronism in 2020, bound to baffle archeological bike geeks in 2060, when they can't find references to them in the'70s or '80s, yet they're clearly weird for any time after that.


  • Comes with the Silver Bar-End Pods
  • Sold separately left/right
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