Lilah's Beautiful Rachel

Ever since I took a spin on a borrowed single speed Rachel about four years ago, from the dark blue/mustard yellow batch, I was enamoured. My old Specialized Hardrock was starting to make squeaks, creaks and cracks that were becoming difficult to stand, and the Rachel seemed like a perfect candidate for a do-it-all replacement - but the colour had to be just right. When Julian was flipping through the paint sample catalogue for inspiration, I took a chance and casually pointed out two or three I liked. Three months later, the pearlescent blue with sparkly green highlights landed and I wasn’t disappointed.

For the build, the most difficult choice was between the similar but different Rivendell Wavy and Sim Works Getaround. Once I finally decided on the Wavy (thanks Sam!), the rest came naturally. I knew what I wanted: a lightweight and fun bike, mostly silver parts with a spattering of black here and there, a dynamo setup because I always forget to charge my lights, a lil’ basket for an eventual lil’ doggo on a very solid Memento Ant rack, and Soma Shikoro tires inspired by JD’s lovely yellow Rachel, as wide as possible while keeping space for fenders. Unable to choose between black and silver fenders, I opted for the wet streak up my back (still taking votes for black vs. silver).

To top it off, I chose a bell based on its sound, the cutesy matte gold Crane E-NE, and the Tarugata grips, one of my favourite parts on the bike. Since it’s been captured by Troy, I’ve also added a Velo Orange Retro Cage and a basket bag from friend Gurp.

After a few months of riding, I can without a doubt call it my ideal bike. The only downside is that everyone around you will want one and you’ll end up in a sea of beautiful Rachels (Julian since copycatted and got a brown one).

Build Breakdown:

Photos by Troy

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