Gilles Berthoud Marie Blanque Saddle

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A short nose version of the randonneuring Aspin model.

The Marie Blanque saddle is available as a test saddle at both our stores. 

The G.Berthoud leather saddles are designed and made in their workshop located in Fleurville, in beautiful South Burgundy, France. They feature a unique serial number engraved on the brass washer on top of the saddle nose. The Marie Blanque saddles are a shorter version of the Aspin model, featuring the same construction and width. Featuring a pre-softened leather, the Marie Blanque saddles require a few hundred more kilometers "break in" period than the Aspin model to fully conform to your shape and position (a short nose saddle is slightly stiffer than a long nose saddle). The Marie Blanque saddles have the distinct advantage of being fully serviceable, thus allowing everyone to perform basic care/cleaning, adjust the leather tension or fully disassemble for maintenance/repair.

  • Vegetable tanned leather
  • Leather attachment points away from the seat area to avoid friction 
  • Patented anti-twisting brace and leather tension system
  • Weight 455g
  • Length 248mm
  • Width 157mm
  • Stainless steel rails
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