Ben's Randonneur-MTB Hog's Back

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We've basically sold out of the first run of the Hog's Back (don't worry, we're getting more in late 2020), building most of them as our standard gravel-tourer. That doesn't mean we don't love custom jobs, though!

Ben's HB is a perfect example: he's using a lot of our stock parts but brought us some of his for us to add or substitute. He Scotch-brited his Velo Orange fenders to dull them, he's using a comfy Selle Anatomica leather saddle, and his friend Max made him a custom randonneur bag, here seen sitting on a Velo Orange Campeur rack.

We made Ben a custom Soma Grand Randonneur a few years ago, for good gravel and road long-haul rides. This Hog's Back is more or less a MTB-randonneur answer to that old build, for gnarlier routes.

In Ben's words:

Fun facts: it's so smooth and comfortable that I forget I'm riding it sometimes, really lets my mind wander and take in the scenery. And it descends rough stuff supernaturally well even with a full front load.

That's the design intention for this frame, Ben nailed it!

Thanks for the photos, Ben and Jo (@jochhoo)

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