A tall 'n' handsome Appaloosa

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Gerald, a long-time customer of ours, caught word that we had a Rivendell Joe Appaloosa in his size and approached us for a very special build. Having mainly ridden his Opafiets around Montreal for work, a major priority in this custom bike was comfort, but also the ability to ride long miles efficiently. The Appaloosa was an excellent candidate, so after some back and forth with Gerald, here's what we came up with!


If you'd like a similar build, reach out to us by email, and leave a comment if there's something you like, or something you'd change!

Pics by @jochhoo

08 Jul 2021
Josephus G. van Gurp
Two weeks, couple of 100 km later the Joe Appaloosa remains a dream ride. Echt heel erg bedankt Julian for making this happen.
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