Rivendell Silver Crank Low/Low 34/24

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A more useful crank with two small rings.

This is Rivendell's own design. This little 34/24 ratio is fantastic if you'll be doing hilly rides, and you can shift it with any double front derailer ever made, or even just with a stick presumably.

There are two common aluminum alloys used in cranks. The strongest and best is 7075 T6 aluminum. That's what the SILVER is made of.

The SILVER crank is cold-forged. It's more expensive, but imparts a grain to the metal in a way that casting and machining doesn't. But nobody really casts cranks anymore (they used to). And some really fine cranks are machined. But they're machined because forging costs too much for small operations.

It’s compatible with JIS taper bottom brackets, which are most of them, and the chainline is about 47 with a 110mm Shimano BB, and 50mm with a 113. The Q-Factor with a 107mm BB is 154mm.

On road bikes with straight (normal) chain stays, mount it on a 107-110mm square taper BB (JIS). If your bike has bowed-out chain stays like most mountain bikes, it might need a 113mm. 

The chainrings are compatible with 10 speed and lower.

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