Two Hog's Backs

This week, friend Keith and C&L's own Julian both built up their dream Bassi Hog's Backs. Naturally, we had to go out riding with Jo for some sweet pictures. Story after the break!

Two Hog's Backs

Julian's HB

Headset closeup

Julian moved over his parts from the prototype HB he rode in Peru last winter and was lucky enough to find a headset to perfectly match the pink lettering on the blue-black frame. You'll immediately notice the handsome randonneur rack and basket situation (zipties, always) with made-to-fit Atwater bag.

Keith is impressed

Keith's HB

Keith will talk more about his bike in a later blog post, but he stripped a few bikes and sold the frames to build this bad boy. The headset is a bootleg CK but seems to be working pretty great, and he's using a bunch of his old MTB and road parts. The mix-and-match is the beauty of 9-speed systems! Keith built the first ever Hog's Back with drop bars and he says it rides like a dream, as nice a gravel bike as you could hope for.

Let us know if you want to build up your own Hog's Back, you can get away with a lot of different configurations with such a do-everything frame. Nearly all your old parts will probably fit somewhere.

All photos by Jonathan Chhun

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