The Rachel

Our beautiful Rachel step-through frame, named after the street where our flagship store is located, is our city bike, tourer and dirt road expert. Designed with stability and comfort in mind while still being a really fun ride. It’s offered in 4 sizes which makes it easy to fit most bodies.

This time it’s back with a few improvements and new colours! Some people were using their original-run Rachels for full-on four-pannier international touring, and while the original spec was just fine for such endeavours, we decided to make some changes so that those big adventures, and of course big grocery runs, would be a bit easier: beefed-up tubing in strategic locations, more tire clearance, longer wheelbase and raised front-end for more comfort, and a few new eyelets here and there.

The step-through design isn't just about aesthetics; it's a cargo-hauling marvel. The reinforced rear triangle minimizes flex, and let's face it, stepping through a frame effortlessly outshines the awkward leg swing over a loaded diamond frame.

To showcase the limitless possibilities of the Rachel, we've curated four custom builds that go beyond its stock configuration. Each build is a testament to the bike's essence, and we hope to ignite inspiration for your own custom Rachel journey.

Lilah's commuter

Lilah’s been dreaming about having a Rachel ever since she tried a single speed first generation Rachel about four years ago. However, she was waiting for the color to be just right and she wasn’t disappointed with this year’s colors and she finally decided to get herself a Monet Blue Rachel. She opted for an elegant and practical build that will serve her on her daily commutes and will be turning heads throughout the city.

Drop bar Rachel

We've observed several customers opting for the Rachel with drop bars, and it's something we genuinely appreciate. In building this one, we drew our inspiration from classic drop bar Peugeot step-throughs, infusing a contemporary flair. Featuring a Microshift 1 x 11 transmission, robust V-brakes, and generous tire clearance, this bike seamlessly blends vintage charm with modern functionality. Tailored for extended multi-day tours, it also boasts impressive off-road capabilities thanks to its 26 x 2-inch tires.

Emiliano's whip

Emiliano's heart was captured by the Monet Blue the moment he unveiled the new frames from the box. Instantly, he envisioned it as his go-to bike for the summer. His goal for his Rachel was simple: make it the most fun and stylish city bike. Standing at 6' 0, he could have easily gone for the 59cm option, but he opted for the slightly smaller 55cm to ensure it could be shared with his partner, who stands at 5' 9”. He went for a straightforward single-speed setup with 700 x 45C tires, added fenders, and chose cool SimWorks bars for street credz.

Julian's Rachel

Julian’s second Rachel is a special one, a true melting pot of parts from different eras. The result is a chaotic, all over the place, but somehow coherent build. It rides like a dream and is super nimble and speedy despite how comfy and upright the fit is. Finally, the brown colour is just right - who knew that brown can sparkle?!

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