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Just one simple topic this time

We want to let our beloved readers know first: we've just turned on pre-orders for the 2022 Bassi frames.

We'll be receiving them this summer (it's really hard to predict specifically when, but let's call it August, plus or minus a month, with no promises!). This shipment will be all the sizes of Hog's Back and Le Montréal, as well as some parts to build complete bicycles.

The details

Hog's Back 2022
It's the same frame, because you don't mess with success. You can build it as a comfortable world-tourer, just as easily as a super-tough around-town everything-hauler. The two new colourways are, as ever, designed by Simon Roy, who's done all the previous HBs.
  • Sandy Beige is as it sounds, with metallic inclusions that add depth and fascination in sunlight. You've seen this beige before on the 2020/2021 frames, but we changed the colour for the contrasting details. You can't really show this one well on a screen, but if you've seen it, you know how gorgeous it is, which is why we brought it back.
  • Aqua is a brand-new colour, which is a lot less royal-blue than in the preview. It's a touch more green and evokes the surf off the Sandy Beige beach, and is also a deep semi-metallic. We're excited to see this one live, it'll play off the beige handsomely.
Le Montréal V3 2022
There's no big change to this frame, just some little adjustments to the fork that you won't even notice. It remains the classiest frame with which to build a classic-looking bike that works like a modern sport-touring, randonneur, or townie bike.
The only colour this year will be the traditional Le Montréal black-and-white, with the orange sunset on the headtube. It's simple and it goes with everything, no matter how you've customized your bike.

And of course all our frames now include an ED coating inside all the tubes to help prevent the formation of rust. You don't need to ask for rust-proofing, it's automatic!

What happens after I've pre-ordered?

We'll reserve a frame for you, and make a note of whether you want it shipped to you or if you prefer to pick it up in person. Once we have a firmer arrival date for the frames, we'll reach out to you if you expressed an interest in us building it up for you to find out how you want your bicycle built.

Along with the frames, we'll be getting quite a few parts to put together the affordable stock builds, along with working on reserving other stuff for custom bikes.

Write in if you want to chat about what a build would look like, or check out what others have done with theirs over here.
Have a good day, talk soon!
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