Greenfield Aluminium Center Kickstand, Silver

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Simple, traditional and durable center-mount alloy kickstand

The made-in-USA Greenfield kickstand is the classic that we've been specifying on our bikes for many years. It's simple and subtle and lasts forever, even in grimy conditions. It's lightweight and is easy to adjust to your bike, you just need to hacksaw off the extra by following the height marks, and clean it up with a file.

All models are center-mount, therefore generally not suitable to aluminium or carbon-fibre frames.

  • KS2 comes in two lengths, the 285cm fits most bikes but large ones will need the 305mm version. Attaches by sandwiching the chainstays right behind the bottom bracket shell, please be careful not to clamp too hard, you could damage your frame. Clear "helicopter tape" is recommended if you don't want to damage the paint. Uses a 14mm hex-head bolt.
  • KS2-S has a special plate that helps with frames that have tighter clearances behind the bottom bracket.
  • KS3 attaches to a normal welded-on kickstand plate, like on the current Bassi Rachel and Hog's Back frames. Uses an 8mm Allen bolt.
  • The rubber foot fits all the above models, and helps with stability on uneven or slightly softer ground.
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