Tange Threaded CDS Headset

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If you've owned a Bassi in the last fifteen years you've probably owned this headset

This is our standard headset. It looks good, it's simple, and as long as you keep it well-greased it will last forever. Not the lightest, but that's how it is when you spec an all-steel headset. This will fit your bike as long as it has a 30mm-ish headtube interior. If your bike is of a certain age and was made in France, this won't thread onto the fork steerer. If your bike was made in Nottingham, same deal. Can't help you on that one.

Please note that we get this headset from Tange with a hundred of them in a box with all the seperate bits wrapped in newspaper. This is environmentally friendly and a little cheaper for you, but it means you'll receive a headset with its bits lovingly threaded onto string by our very own staff in the winter. Cool minimal packaging is the wave of the future!

Headsets are always installed free of labour charge on new Bassi frames, upon request.


  • High-polish silver or glossy black
  • 1" x 24TPI threaded
  • Caged ball-bearings
  • Hardened races
  • 26.4mm fork crown race (27mm available here)
  • Includes upper and lower cups, upper race and crown race, two sets of bearings, two dust shields, locknut, and keyed washer
  • Adjusts with a 32mm headset wrench
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