Jungle Expedition Zip Hammock

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Mosquito-proof like no other

Camping in a hammock-tent is a true joy. You'll feel like a happy little sloth or koala-bear hanging up in its tree, with no hard ground under you as you stretch out into its asymmetrical shape that supports your whole length. If it's a warm, dry night, leave the rain-fly off, you won't regret it. Surprisingly water-resistant if you rig it up right, too. Ideally for cycling, there's no hard structure and it packs up real small.

The Jungle Expedition Zip is designed for the buggiest jungles on the planet such as Borneo, the Amazon, the Congo, or most especially, North Ontario in June. The Jungle Expedition Zip also has a 100% mosquito-proof double bottom with two layers of tightly woven 40D nylon.

Designed to be used with the Radiant Heat Reflecting DoubleBubble Pad which attaches to "o" rings between the two fabric layers to hold the pad on the correct diagonal, eliminating any movement of the pad. The Radiant DoubleBubble Insulation Pad is available for purchase separately from Hennessy.

  • Designed for anyone up to 114 kg and 183 cm
  • New side entrance zipper closure with strong #10 zipper and two double sliders
  • Includes rain fly and webbing straps to wrap around a tree without damaging it.
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