Explorer Deluxe Classic XL Hammock

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Tall? This is your hammock.

Camping in a hammock-tent is a true joy. You'll feel like a happy little sloth or koala-bear hanging up in its tree, with no hard ground under you as you stretch out into its asymmetrical shape that supports your whole length. If it's a warm, dry night, leave the rain-fly off, you won't regret it. Surprisingly water-resistant if you rig it up right, too. Ideally for cycling, there's no hard structure and it packs up real small.

The deluxe hammock features light, longer-lasting materials, and a particularly thick bottom for larger users. This is a bottom-entry model with velcro closure. It sounds odd but you'll get used to is on your first night and it'll seem like the most natural way of using a hammock.

  • Designed for anyone up to 136 kg and 213 cm
  • Includes rain fly and webbing straps to wrap around a tree without damaging it.
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