Carradice Bagman Bag Support

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Keeps yer bag off yer fender

This fine UK-made bag support mechanism is almost indispensable if you've got a super-large saddle bag, like those made by Carradice. When you really cram it full, it tends to prefer stabilization. This clever little  prevents the swing and the bounce.

  • Sport is made for smaller bags, but if you've got a big bag and not much room from the saddle to the wheel, it'll work too. Clearance from rails to wheel 18cm
  • Expedition is for the larger bags: Nelson, Pendle and Camper. Clearance from rails to wheel 21cm
  • QR: The Quick-Release version lets you quickly and easily remove the bag, as well as allowing you to use Carradice bags if you don't have a saddle with bag loops (like Brooks and some others have). 
  • Standard version just stabilizes the bag, and attaches to the saddle rails.

Max payload in all cases is 10kg, but honestly, 10kg is a saddlebag is a bit much to ask.

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