Simon's Neutrino

Our manager and shop guy Simon decided to show off his Velo Orange Neutrino, an all-road (it's been tested) minivelo that fits well in an apartment. He also uses it as a winter bike, but suggests larger and heavier wheels if you need to deal with snow banks. 

As always, open images in a new tab to embiggen.

Your name and the bike's name:

Simon, and this one doesn't have a name yet. I'm taking suggestions as long as I don't have to hear "Nerd-trino" again.

Your favourite Montreal resto

Le Super Qualité

Your favourite shop tool

The TL-FC11 crank extractor from Shimano. You use it all the time, and it's the ultimate in functional, solid elegance... 

Your favourite meal

Ma Po Tofu, or Grandma Winnie's Ursulines chicken pot pie. 

Your favourite part on this bike?

The Surly mini-rack that magically transforms into a regular-sized rack on a Neutrino.

Other notable parts you like on this bike that we should know about?

  • Brooks B17 saddle, it's on all my bikes
  • The 75$ Shimano dynamo hub. It's been through two winters and it's still going amazingly well.
  • Herrmanns light
  • Radiotopia stickers
  • Soma Eagle chromed steel handlebar. Stiff!
  • A Saint-Ambroise bring-bring bell I found behind a workbench while cleaning 

03 Nov 2021
Thank you. The light is a dynamo light and comes with a mounting bracket. The bracket is screwed into an eyelet integrated on the rack for that purpose, many front racks have such eyelets.
03 Nov 2021
Hi, love the setup you made on your bike. May I know how do you mount the front light? Thanks!
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