Lili's Bassi 03

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A forever changing bike, one of too many, my FactoryBassi 03 is probably the bike I ride the most. Everyday commuter and hill climb lover, my favorite part remains the crankset. I do enjoy having my front brake lever on the right side. Nearly zero maintenance, but too often I find myself having to replace my rear tire last minute before leaving for work. Thankfully I have a precious backup pile taking up all the space under my bed.

This bike was, at first, a used Factory Five Stream I bought from friendly Corey, who enlightened me about NJS components. The front wheel had to be re-laçed after its first ride during which I fell trough a manhole cover. I later changed the frame to a Bassi 03, keeping the more aggressive original fork.
I try not to get too deep in the n+1, but there is no coming back now.


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