Justine's Bassi Double-Double

Justine got to know C&L through her first Bassi, a classic white Roma-Tokyo. After a few months wrenching for the shop, she added a fun Hog's Back build to her stable. Seeing them side by side in all their glory is a rare occurence, with their fun mirror image bar tape jobs and tasteful component choices. Thanks for sharing, Justine!

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Your name and the bikes' names:

Justine, and my bikes don't have names but I often affectionately call them bécane one and bécane two

Your favourite Montréal resto:

Tough one, either Banh Mi Banh Yiu for the sandwiches or Robin des Bois for the place's concept

Your favourite shop tool:

Frickin' love them 4-5-6 affectionately nicknamed shuriken by Marcel, otherwise a crank puller, real satisfyin'!

Your favourite meal:

Depends, but I adore a good grilled salmon with an olive fougasse

Your favourite part on these bikes:

Cotton Brooks C17 #heaven & my Dia-Compe blue casing clips #goodstuffisinthedetails

Pics by #lightbro bike pic guru @jochhoo

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