Julian's custom JJJJound x Bassi B/01

Back in 2017, we collaborated on a very fun project with tasteful designer and manufacturer of handy, beautiful objects, JJJJound. The B/01 was what we came up with as an everyday, short distance, efficient cruiser for coffee or pizza runs in Montreal. It was a smart, sensible bike that became many folks' everyday ride. That build was centred around a CB-E110 Shimano coaster brake hub, but when I got my hands on one back then, I had big plans for it that only came to fruition quite recently.

My custom B/01 has an amalgam of some gems from my parts bin, some shiny parts I treated myself to, and some well worn classics. It heavily features parts from my new favourite component brand, Sim Works, very solid stopping courtesy of Paul Price, and some track components from the 1970s that I pulled off an old Windsor frame that I bought from a collection in the attic of an Eastern Townships bike shop and haven't been ridden in decades.

We'll be releasing a new Bassi single speed, the Bloomfield, later this summer, so if you want a build similar to this one, reach out to get the discussion started! Until then, here's how I built mine:

Crispy photos of crispy bike by @jochhoo

03 Apr 2022
Jared Smith
A beautiful bike. I love all the modifications you’ve made. Would you ever consider selling it?
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