Hugo's VO Campeur

It can happen to anyone. You spend days, weeks, maybe months preparing for a long tour. The route is set, your gear is ready, your chain is lubed, this time you remembered to pack all the silly things you usually forget. You're stoked. Then, right on the first downhill, that janky 30-year old front rack that you got for cheap decided to give out and you go down, hard.

Well that's exactly what happened to Hugo last summer. Not only did it cause him to have a concussion and ended his tour on the first day, it was also the end of the road for his 1989 Miyata 600GT.

Or so he thought.

As luck would have it, after weeks of moping and grieving the loss of his first real touring bike, he came across a brand new Velo Orange Campeur in a closeout sale.

Thanks to VO's contribution to keeping the quill stem, rim brake dream alive with the now discontinued production of the Campeur, Hugo was able to transfer over most of the parts from his defunct Miyata with a few upgrades.

This sweet setup will serve for lots of commuting, touring and plenty of mushroom foraging hopefully for at least as long as the frame it replaced!


Pictures by Troy


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