Bobby's Le Montréal Rando

Being already at its 3rd redesign, the Montréal is one of Bassi’s longest-standing models. It was always intended to be a versatile bike for the city and beyond, but this version’s updates make that truer than ever.

It’s an incredibly well-rounded bike and looks darn good too! Despite it having a lower stack height than most touring bikes and even some gravel bikes, the quill stem makes its easy to set the handlebar height to each rider’s preference. So you can just as easily slam the stem for a real sporty ride or have it high for comfy cruisin’ without needing a massive stack of spacers.

I built mine up with a lot of parts I had lying around just waiting for the right frame to show up, like the Cambio Rino shifters I took off a Le Croco road bike that was gifted to me a few years ago.


It's a sweet ride that's faster than a touring bike and more capable than a road bike, and you should be one! There are only a handful of these frames left so be sure to reach out by email or visit one of our locations if you’re interested.


Photos by @Jochhoo

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