Bobby's Bianchi Grizzly

We're thrilled to announce that our dear longtime mechanic Roberto is joining C&L and Bassi as a partner, and felt that a staff bikes featuring Roberto and his do-it-all townie-MTB-tourer Bianchi Grizzly would be the perfect introduction to those of you who haven't met him! His bike is full of personality, nicely built to commute but can also take single track shortcuts on his way home.

For hi-res pics, open in a new tab.

Your name and the bike's name:

Roberto and Papa Bear

Your favourite Montréal resto:


Your favourite shop tool:

Park Tool BT3

Your favourite meal:


Your favourite part on this bike:

Well worn Brooks C17 saddle

Fun pics by MTB Papa @jochhoo

Julian and Roberto
28 Feb 2022
Bruce Kettle
Nice bike! What year is it? I've never seen a gold one. Is this bike rare? Cheers
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