Sarah's Platypus

Sarah was looking for something to complement her trusty Velo Sport commuter, her only bike at the time. Upon hearing news about us becoming Rivendell dealers last year, the choice was clear. She devoured Grant’s literature about steel frames, long chainstays and friction shifting.

Sarah knew what she wanted: something for pleasant outings, day rides and maybe the occasional overnighter, that would not limit her outfit choice, and nothing black!

The current supply-chain woes have tested the patience of even the most monk-like among us, and the Platypus was no exception.

As time went by, the ever-extending delays started to make the bare lime-olive frame hanging on our living room wall feel like a cruel joke about something that’s destined to forever be just beyond reach.

The arrival of the Ultradynamico Cava Races a few months later, the final pieces of the puzzle, finally marked the end of the wait and soon enough, all the parts that had been sleeping amassed in a plastic bin started to pop, thread and slide into place. As the bicycle started to take shape, we had totally forgotten just how long the wait was. It was worth it.

With the Platypus moved in to its new nest, we could finally take it out on the rides we had planned all summer.

“I never knew a bike could be this good!”

If you want your own Rivendell foreverbike, make sure to contact us. We have an exciting schedule of arrivals planned throughout the next year, supply-chain willing.

Photos by our well-dressed bud, @jochhoo

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