Matt's Dad-bike

Matt had us send him a Hog's Back frame and a few parts late last year, and he took his time to build it up in his own style over the winter. He recently sent us photos of the completed bicycle and kindly let us share them with you. We think this is a really cool bike, we enjoy seeing ways of putting together a bike that we wouldn't think of ourselves! Send us yours if you haven't yet.

“[Bassi people], thanks for all the guidance -- about tire width, seatpost length, and secret Rohloff eyelets. I took a lot from the Latest Builds and Staff Bikes pages of your website. 

I intended to build a perfect "dad bike" and I consider the completed project a success.

In addition to the Bassi frame being perfect, some of the decisions I'm most happy with are the Gnome Hopper stem from Analog Cycles, the cush silicone drops, and the big footprint MKS ALLWAYS pedals (coming next year to C&L Cycles -ed).

I was also a bit proud when I thought of repurposing an unneeded headset top cap as a bell mount on the unneeded shifter boss. There's a mitred tube that the top cap holds in place, the tube is just long enough so the bell has room to ding.

That saddle is in year six of being on whichever bike I ride the most. Brooks are great but GB are greater.


All photos by Matt. He says to DM him if you have questions, he loves talking bikes!

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