Lorenzo's Rachel

Around the end of the summer, Lorenzo came into the store looking for a gem of a bicycle. After a quick discussion, we learnt that this bike wouldn’t only be used for simple commutes, but also to distribute a tasty treat throughout the city. The treat: homemade gelato made by Lorenzo himself. We therefore felt the need to build a comfortable and solid bicycle so that Lorenzo could deliver his Gelato al Ladro (@gelato.al.ladro) with ease.

We introduced him to our Bassi Rachel, an elegant, versatile bike that is above all easy to mount thanks to the lowered top tube. A useful asset when the time comes to get on a bike loaded with gelato! In short, it was a perfect match that Lorenzo couldn't resist, in the same way we couldn’t resist his delicious frozen creations.

When warmer months come, don’t hesitate to hit up Lorenzo for a delicious, Bassi-delivered snack!

Photos by @jochhoo

Sam B.
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